Did you miss me??

Well its been a while thats foresure and now i feel overwhelmed.

With assessment, classes, work, Prac and just life in general, things are beginning to get HECTIC!

Assignment 2, Unit plan, learning path and the essay is all a working progress, unfortunetly im getting better and better at not stressing and taking the casual laid back attitude to uni which is not helping me to be motivated to complete my work load.


My work unit is going to look into a grade 7 HPE class and we will focus on a Healthy lifestyle plan that will include a healthy eating plan and excersize schedual that will help students make future positive and good life choices. The ICTs that will be used in the assesment are still being disscussed but will soon be released. Stay tuned for more of an update.

Got To Get It Done!


IPAD Ideas for use in HPE

I love this YouTube link that Mike has uploaded and commented on, it shows great example of implementing ICT into HPE. I believe that in HPE an IPAD is one of the best hands on ICT technology that could be used in some areas. This video gives an insight into some IPAD apps that will help improve and increase participation to classroom HPE. It is an increasing challenge to get students to participate in Health and physical education but it is our job to now to help draw the intention back onto HPE and the lifelong skills it gives us. It would be great to look further into the Apps offered.

Cheers Zoe


In this YouTube video, Mark Anderson from the UK, highlights a handful of useful IPAD apps that can be utilised in teaching physical education classes, or coaching teams. He makes the point, in his introduction in the video, that these apps are some of the ‘not so well known’ apps that people think of using. The first app he mentions is ‘Noteshelf‘ which enables you to create notebooks with different pages. You can have score sheets, or diagrams of a sporting field or indoor court and write over it or highlight it, similar to the old whiteboard clipboard. The advantage of the IPAD app is that the diagrams/plays don’t have to be erased, but rather can be kept for later reference and further coaching. I found this to be an interesting Youtube video and I plan to investigate these apps further.

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ICTS…. ‘Why aren’t we using them’? …. Video link here

This Norwegian based video highlights information and curriculum evidence into how we are not using the technologies that are definitely available to us. This is an ICT where you follow the journey of information and provocative communication that gets the message across. Information is given and we can judge just how lucky we are to have this ICT available to use and the teachers we have that inform us on how to use it appropriately. This country in the visual has been described as one that isn’t applying or using the resources in ICT and technologies they’ve been given. The Norwegian curriculum sets ICT 5th on the scale of learning areas most important in schools behind Reading, writing, maths and speaking.


Cheers Zoe

ICTS ‘Then and Now’

This is a a video i found on Dan Ramirez’s Blog that shows the improvement and development in the classroom. The video displaying visuals of technologiese and the ways of the classroom dating back to ‘then’ and showing the ‘now’. This gives a great visual insight into how far education has come and how far it can go with the technologies of today. It shows us just how we have evolved worldwide in the sense of ICT and how everyday living is involving more and more technologies.

Something the video doesnt talk about is who is teaching us how to use these technologies and ICTs. I believe this is where we come if we can educate and teach our students and other teachers to use these it will change the way we learn drastically. I think it will have a mixed response to how people learn with these ICTs and that not all learners are tech savy but i think it is important with the world that we live in we jump on board and broaden our ICT involvment and ability.


Cheers Zoe

My Pedagogy for Health, Sport and Physical Education

My Pedagogy for Health, Sport and physical Education in the primary years.

When Students engage in HPE they need to feel safe and confident in the learning environment. Allowing students on all learning levels to involve themselves whether it be for participation, competition or meeting curriculum criteria. Within primary HPE there are life skills that are learnt and also knowledge gained that can relate to the other subjects within the curriculum. Being enthusiastic, proactive and a team player is the key to success in the health, sport and physical education domain as the subject focusses on providing healthier and happier futures for students.

Cheers Zoe

Concept Map ‘ICTs in teaching and Learning’

This is my concept map it builds on the idea and pedagogy of why its beneficial for Teachers, Students and Parents to use and be involved with ICTs. This concept map built on the idea and reasoning behind why we should use ICTs in the classroom. Students are building on the knowledge they have including the way in which they use ICT to benefit their learning. Parents are included in this learning of ICT initiative as they must drive the learning force in the home environment, yet they have to make sure they understand the world of ICT. Teachers use these technologies and ICTs that are now embedded in curriculum to build on knowledge and create new learning curves in the classroom.

Not an in depth concept map but something to get the brain storming!!!!!Image

Postman’s “Five things we need to know about technological change”.

#2: Technology creates winners and losers

Part of Postman’s description of this ‘thing’ is

I say only that since technology favors some people and harms others, these are questions that must always be asked.

Studying health sport and physical education is interesting when trying to incorporate ICTS especially in the primary setting.

I feel that the 21st century children are already struggling with the concept of outside play and a large number of students don’t even meet the half an hour of play a day rule.

I think kids are becoming reliant on technologies and are becoming lazy in the sense of play. therefore motors skills are lacking and weight issues are arising. although technology isn’t the main contributor its a great example to one area of our lives that continues to evolve and may not be for the better.